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The Union of Galleries of Art of Catalonia is a non-profit-making institution, founded in 1970, which takes as aims the diffusion and promotion of the Visual Arts so much in the territory as the foreigner and the defense of the work of the galleries of art and the artists. We promote different activities (GAC Prizes , Days of Art and Galerism, Autumn of the Art, etc) as well as campaigns of promotion to arouse of transverse form to the citizenship on the core paper of the galleries inside the cultural fabric of a country.

  • Defense opposite to institutions and other groups.
  • Defense in cases of practising professionally without qualifications and bad practice that the members of a guild denounce.
  • To take part in the Assemblies and debates that are organized.
  • To announce your gallery in the Guide of the Galleries edited with Tourism of Barcelona.
  • Legal and fiscal Advice.
  • Information of subsidies for fairs of art, catalogues of exhibitions, computer science…
  • To promote your gallery en GGAC’s website ( and its social networks (facebook, instagram, twitter), as in GGAC’s app del GGAC published in Apple and Google Play platforms.
  • To take part in days and informative seminars that the GGAC organizes on legal and commercial topics that concern the sector gallery owner.
  • Admission free or discounts to different Museums with the membership card:
  • To export works of art not capable of forming a part of the National wealth with a simple document dress well issued from our institution and without happening for the Headquarter of Heritage.
  • To be represented in the Advice of the Arts and the ICIC, between others Institutions.
  • The possibility of taking part in the Night of the Galerisme and the Autumn of the Art.
  • To be beneficiary of the agreement signed with Grupo Galilea to enjoy special prices in itinerarnt work’s assurance and other products.
  • The request of revenue to the Union of Galleries of Art of Catalonia has to belong directed the Secretary, Mrs. Diana Jové, and it will have to fulfill the following requirements:
    • The request will be formulated in writing.
    • There will be attached the photocopy of the Fiscal License (IAE) or copy of the sensual declaration where gallery owner of art consists the discharge as business of the sector.
    • Programme of the year in course (preferably presenting catalogues or diptyches of exhibitions).
  • In the request one will make consist:
    • Name of the gallery
    • Address
    • Telephone and fax
    • Name of the director
    • particular Telephone of the director
    • Date of foundation of the gallery
    • Months of activity and schedules of the gallery
    • Web page
    • E-mail
  • In case of admission the following bank information will be facilitated:
    • Name of the entity
    • Agency
    • Titular of the current account and his NIF
    • Number of current account (20 digits)
    • City
    • Will communicate the authorization to the bank company to the payment of quotas

The decision to agree or revoke the admission of a gallery will take in meeting board of directors, for voting of his members. This decision will be appealable in the terms that they will communicate to the interested part, as it is the pertinent case. The presentation of incomplete documentation will stop the process of admission.

INSCRIPTION FEE: The new partners will pay the quantity of 500 € on having entered.

b)MONTHLY FEE: From the first month, the partners will pay the quantity of 44 €.

If you want more information, you can put in touch with our Headquarters. The schedule is from 9.30 to 17.00 hours, from Monday until Friday. The person who will attend to you will be Mr Jordi Pijoan-López (tel. 93 216 00 03).