Artist Manuel Castro dies

The artist, who worked with the Jordi Barnadas Gallery and 3 Punts, died on 21 July

Manuel Castro Mellado was from Córdoba, born in 1944. However, he has lived in Barcelona since 1952, where he died on 21 July.


Manel Castro, painter and engraver was a unique artist on the Catalan scene. For generations he should have worked on abstraction, but he stubbornly made his way to personal and narrative figuration.


A scholar of color and a good connoisseur of the history of painting, his nostalgic characters could be himself (a great reader and traveler) and seem to live in a timeless and sometimes surreal world.


He has been working with the Jordi Barnadas Gallery since 1993 and lately also with the 3 points gallery in international fairs and exhibitions.


From the Art Galleries of Catalonia, we send our condolences to his family and friends.