Claire James Dupain wins the II Contest Miró & Art with the work "Invisible Brossa"

The GGAC and Vermuts Miró have organized the II Contest with the collaboration of the Fundació Brossa

Barcelona, Monday, October 23th, 2017 - The GGAC and Vermuts Miró have announced this evening the winners of the II Contest Miró&ARt: Claire James Dupain, the artist presented by the Artevistas Gallery, with the work Invisible Brossa, in jury's words because combines with a great visual efficiency the magic and surprising spirit of the poet and artist Joan Brossa. The contrast of the red base, referring to the vermouth, with the elegant figure of the invisible protagonist, making a visual impact and theatrical where the eye mask observes you and invites you.

In this second edition, the participant artists had to inspire themselves in the works of Joan Brossa (1919 - 1998), with the reason for the Brossa Year, in 2019. To commemorate it, the Fundació Brossa has started some actions, some of them have been added to the GGAC.

II Contest Miró & Art

The contest jury of this second edition has been presided by Meritxell Torra Junyent (vocal of the GGAC, and co-director of the Dolors Junyent Gallery), Vicenç Altaió (director of the Fundació Brossa), Hèctor Albericio (co-director of the Petritxol Gallery), Francesc Mestre (former director of the Francesc Mestre Gallery) and Laura Prats (representative of Vermuts Miró. The jury has chosen one winner work of the 62 presented by 50 artists of 23 galleries that belong to the GGAC.

The winner will be adapted to be the new label of the limited edition of Vermouth Reserva Miró&Art 2018. All the works will be exhibited until November 3rd in the galleries that have participated in the contest.

About the GGAC:

The GGAC it's the oldest gallery labor of Spain, founded in 1978 has the aim to spread information and to promote the visual arts and the work of the art galleries. In its long trajectory has promoted different activities (Art Fair Expo, GAC Awards, Art and Galerism Conferences, Autumn Art, etc.), and conscience campaigns to approach the citizens as the important paper that they are.

The GGAC and Vermuts Miró with the Foundation Joan Brossa, dedicate the II Contest Miró&Arts to the artist that in 2019 will celebrate the centenary of his birth. This second edition of the contest will take part in the activities that conform the season 2017-2018 of the Catalan galleries, under the slogan #Ilike_Art and which you can find more info in the website