El Gremi de Galeries d’Art de Catalunya arranca #ILike_Art 2019

Mònica Ramon, nueva presidenta, destaca la voluntad de hacer crecer el programa de actividades y las alianzas con otras entidades públicas y privadas

Barcelona, monday, Octobert 7th 2019. - The Labor Union of Art Galleries from Catalonia (GGAC) presents the programation of the season 2019-2020, with almost 40 expositions and events all above Catalonia, the months of October and November of this year. 

The galleries of Barcelona and from all the territory have announced a very wide and varied program featuring known stablished and contemporary artists, of foreign and national origin. This artistic program includes a wide range of expositions of different techniques and themes, as sculpture, figuration, abstraction or photography. The entire program can be consulted in the web: www.ilikeart.cat.

The Labor Union of Art Galleries from Catalonia starts this season with a renewed presidency and a commite, and wants to enlarge the number of activities as much as the colaboration with other public and private organizations from the art's collective from Barcelona and Catalonia. 


From all of the events, stands out the IV Contest Miró&Art, a contest that works for the knowledge, the prestige and the promotion of art in Catalonia. In the contest participate the galleries associated to the GGAC and the design it's defined every year around an acclaimed artist. This year's edition, in collaboration with Espai Subirachs, it's inspired with the artist Josep Maria Subirachs. The past editions, the chosen artists have been Antoni Gaudí, Joan Brossa and Josep Guinovart.  

Next November 25th, it will be hold the Sobre Art & Galerismo '19 sessions in the Arts Santa Monica, in collaboration with Talking Galleries, leaded by Llucià Homs. There are going to be three diferent conferences public open and to the artistic sector, held by Montserrat Peñarrova. The firts conference is going to be about the technologies and the marketing in the galleries world. The lawyers from Nial Art Law, Isabel and Beatriz Niño, will offer a conference about VEGAP and the need to collaborate from the Labors Union. To conclude the journey, 6 gallerist from Barcelona will debate about the art market in Catalonia and the role that takes the gallerism in it. 

As a newness, the Labor Union of Art Galleries from Catalonia has partnered with Dart Festival, that it's going to be celebrated from November 28th to Desember 1st at the Movie Theatre Girona of Barcelona. Dart is the first film documental festival dedicated to the contemporary art with the objective to bring together the culture and the knowledge with the audience, throught documentary about photography, commissary, painting, performance, arquitecture, artistic movements, and in general terms, contemporary art. 

In spring, the GGAC will join the Drawing Week, with the aim to support this technique. Also the Labor Union keeps working to grow the GAC Awards, an event directed this year by Pepa Quinteiro, from Anquin's Art Gallery from Reus. The CCCB will hold the award ceremony and the gala will be celebrated at the MACBA Museum. 


Figurative. It's going to be celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Subex Gallery, with an exposition from Claudia de Vilafamés and the Espai Cavallers, will hold the exposition Confluències, that will make tie the  plastic with the rationality. On the other hand, the Sala Rusiñol, will exhibit the actual work of the czech artist Katerina Alavedra-Duchoslav, with his usual themes of interiors and urban themes, specially from Prague and Barcelona. Also the Espai G d'Art will investigate about the identities with the exposition Itinere from the artist Laia Arnau.

Regarding to the figuration that explores new alternatives, we found the exhibition A flor de pell from the japanise Mari Ito in the Villa del Arte Galleries, where the artist proposes us to enter in moments of special sensibility.  We follow with the exposition of two artists from Ivory Coast, Mené & Gnohité in Out of Africa Gallery, an space that focuses in african art.

In another hand, Jordi Sàbat, will make his first solo exhibition in Anquin's Galeria d'Art. The works of the artists can be included in the field of visual poetry. The constant game of relations and interpretation of objects and words that proposes Sabat has the hability to provoke an smile to the audience and also a deep reflexion. 

The Arcada Art Gallery will show pieces of the known Didier Lourenço, an impressionist that works with alive colours and lines that remember of the classic cubists. Also the Artevistas Gallery, specialized in Street Art and young artists that express themselves with new forms, starts this season with an invidual exposition of the artist Akore, that breakes again the rules, bringing street objectes, contextualised with his caracteristic style. 

Beetwen figuration and abstraction, the public from Estartit, will be able to enjoy from a new collective show in Traç d'Art Gallery. Will be seeing works from Juan Mir, Navarro, Dolors Curell and Rocabert.

Abstraction. Àmbit Art Gallery, starts this season with a collective exposition Arrels i brots, with José Luis Paz Fo, Vanesa Muñoz and Oksana Mas. The project research the work of the new artists in relation with the historic artists in the gallery. 

Pigment Gallery, with Paisajes y libros of Aurelio San Pedro, works on drawing on paper and mural sculpture, where the form and the image share the same goal; suggesting the passage of time. At the same time, Art Petritxol,has programmed an exhibition of Setxu Xirau. And Francesca Poza repeats in Olivart Art Gallery with Solucions i inflexions, with shadows made under a simple black and white colour range.

Photography. Pigment Gallery with Marta Fabregas and Lluís Coquenao participate in the collective exposition, named Memòria Històrica held in Imaginart Gallery.

In the first one, Universos en suspensión, Marta Fabregas and Lluís Coquenao stablish a dialogue between their works: spaces and realities face off.

In the exhibition Memòria Hostorica, Victor Cortina as curator, creates a dialogue beetwen some artists and two concepts, memory and history, that are usual and that we supose to have assimilated, but in this case there's different interpretations and multiple visions, facts that the artists will interpretate through photography, usually modified.

Consecrated. Artur Ramon Art Gallery has programed an exhibition that renews the pottery by the Mexican artist Gustavo Pérez, an artist with 50 years of career, who’s going to present 20 pieces, which have very classic supports, cylindrical glasses, where the special remains on the treatment of the surface, with designs engraved with a razor, and cuts based in a personal geometry.

Under the title “Cromatismes”, the Jordi Pascual Gallery gather together a dozen of artists, where the color is the protagonist: Miquel Barceló, Antoni Clavé, Luis Feito, Joan Hernández Pijuan, Antonio Saura, Antoni Tàpies, Juan Uslé, Manolo Valdés, Victor Vasarely o Esteban Vicente. In other hand, Sala Dalmau has programed an exhibition about José Gurvich, a constructivist artist from the historical avant-garde, and the heir of Torres-Garcia.

Amongst other important events, La GaLeRia, will present an exhibition of works from Xavier Serra de Rivera: almost thirty oil paintings that include still lifes, nudes and self-portraits.
Agora 3 from Sitges has started an exhibition of works from Teresa Llàcer, inspired always in the traditions of catalan and european academic painting. Following the exposition thematic about great masters, the gallery will hold a collective exhibition with Dufy, Martí Alsina, Matilla Granero, Amat, Planells, Soler, Olivé and Ponç.

Furthermore, Atelier will present the exhibition “Pintures i gravats: Le Parc, Lindström, Schneider”. Lorena de Ruiz Villa Arte Contemporáneo has chosen works on paper of Sam Gilliam, Tracey Emin and Olafur Eliasson.

Scupture. Arcada Galeria d’Art prepares a collective exhibition of sculpture and Art Mar Gallery will present a magnificent sculpture shown of Josep Maria Viaplana.

An outstanding proposal, “Un minuto de gloria” from Charo Corrales, that will make a review at everything that has happened with his work Con Flores a Maria at Imaginart Gallery.

To finish, there will be an act of Isabel-Clara Simó inside the National Fest of poetry of Sant Cugat.

IV Miró & Art Contest

The Miró & Art Contest, it’s an initiative from the GGAC and the vermouth company from Reus, Vermuts Miró. It’s fourth edition it’s dedicated to the sculptor, painting, and engraver Josep Maria Subirachs. Versatile artist, Subirachs not just has expressed through three-dimensional sculpture, the most known for everyone, but also other tecniques.
The veredict of the jury, chaired by Meritxell Torra Junyent (board member of the GGAC and codirector of the Art Gallery Dolors Junenyt) and formed by Judit Subirachs (director of Espais Subirachs), Hector Albericio (from the Art Petritxol Gallery), Francesc Mestre (former director of Francesc Mestre Art) and Josep Sentís, representative of Vermuts Miró, it will be public November 28th.

The contest has bought together 32 artists from the GGAC galleries, with a total of 38 works, executed in diferent tecniques. The works of the contest will be exhibited in their representative galleries from October 1st and November 3rd.

This initiative, that this year count with the support of Espai Subirachs, defines the activities of the 2019-2020 season of the catalan art galleries under the slogan #ILikeArt.