Exhibition and catalog of the III Miró & Art Contest

Since the first edition three years ago, from the GGAC we wanted to give all the attention to the Miro & Art Certamen. Such is the case that apart from the contest we celebrate an exhibition of all the participant works the following year.

This year, as the last year, we have managed to celebrate the exhibition on two different dates:

From July 4th to the 21th, at the Real Circulo Artístico of Barcelona.
And from September 7th to November 3rd at the Espai Guinovart of Agramunt,

The exhibitions are open free, and there’s no need to previously confirmation or invitation to assist.

This year’s exhibition, dedicated to the artist Josep Guinovart, will have 39 works from 32 different artists that work with 20 galleries of our labor union; a magnificent creative exhibition with the goal to connect new public to the galleries.

To download the exhibition catalogue click: HERE