Given the 16th BBVA Award of Painting Ricard Camí

Rafel G. Bianchi, the winner, an artists that participates in the jury of the GAC Awards.

Terrassa, September 17th 2019- The Foundation of Former Catalan Banks, supported by the BBVA and the collaboration of the Fundation of the Former Bank of Terrassa, have given today, the 16th BBVA Pintura Ricard Cami Awars. The act took place in the Cultural Center of Terrassa. 

Of the 138 artists that have presented to the awards, the jury decided to give the award to Rafel G. Bianchi and his work El coleccionista ausente III. The jury, has valued the way that the artist adapts and renews the idea of collectionism, interpreting againg a famous work of Fortuny.

This work arises from the connection of the work El coleccioniste de estampas from the famous painter Mariano Fortuny, that leave the artist fascinated. Bianchi brings it to his field through new visions.

Rafel G. Bianchi, had already been finalist in the two last editions of the Award.

An award with a long trajectory.

The BBVA Painting Ricard Camí Award, it's one of the most notorious award currently, with a prize of 12.000 euros to the artist, and 8.000 euros destinated to the promotion and projection of its works throught a cataloge and an individual exhibition at the Cultural Center of Terrassa.

The award motivates the pictorial creation and encourages the new artists since 1989, the year that the award was created to remember Ricard Camí i Aliart, arts protector and the president of the former Bank of Terrassa.

In this edition, the jury has been formed by Cèlia de Diego, director of the Catalan Society of Art Critics and director of Centre d'Art La Panera; Teresa Blach, art historian, critic and curator; Montse Badia, art director of Cal Cego; Pere Llobrera, artist, and Adrià Fornés, director of the Cultural Center of Terrassa.

To give a new impolse on the award, this year has collaborated Art Barcelona and the GGAC, that supported the Award and the promotion amongst the artists and the galleries.

Throught the 16 editions of this biennal, have participated more than 5.300 artists, with almost 6.400 works, which 505 have been exhibited, and with a distribution of more than 345.000 euros on prizes.

This evening at 19h., have taken place the present of the 16th edition of the BBVA painting Ricard Cami award at the auditorium of the Cultural Center of Terrassa, with a performance of the finalists of this edition, the artist Enric Farrés Duran and the actress Alba Sanmartí.

There has been representations of the city hall of Terrassa, the Fundation of Former Catalan Banks, the BBVA, and different collaborative organizations, as the artists and the current artistic organizations.

 “El col·leccionista absent” arises from the meeting of Rafel G. Bianchi with the work “El coleccionista de estampas” of the known painter Marià Fortuny (1838 - 1874), that fascinates him. The original painting (which Fortuny made three versions) it’s a painting that represents a commercial exchange between a seller that shows his works to a collector while another subject, probably another seller awaits his turn. The scene takes place in a room, the workshop of the artist, and the works that accompanies them are from his personal collection.

Bianchi represents the collecting through new visions (ironically and very critic) and at the same time connects different authors that he believes important to understand and contextualize his work. A conceptual action that doesn’t arise from the position of collecting artist, but from a lecture that tries to explain a specific relate: The one that Bianchi names as his personal genealogy of the catalan art from the XX and XXI century.

The winning artist, Rafel G. Bianchi:
Rafel G. Bianchi, was born in Olot, in 1967, and graduated from fine arts school in 1992. Following a postgraduate studies about the graphic works nowadays, from printing to digital fingerprint, at the University of Barcelona, and a PhD about “the painting in the digital era” (2002).

At the same time, Bianchi works as an artist, with a total freedom, using displays and strategies to reach his goals in every occasion. Currently his works revolve around different questions, sometimes sarcastically aimed to the artist and the arts, the figure and the system, possibly influenced by a father artist with a big career.

He deeply knows the art world and the painting since he was little, and didn’t took long to stand out in the contemporary scene with a work that usually uses critic and irony. G. Bianchi works with the irony and the subtle, or the sarcasm of everything superficial to reach those places where, just following the rules, would be complicated to access.

Among other activities that professionally carries out, Bianchi also is part of the jury of the GAC Awards, activity that organize the GGAC, with the collaboration of Art Barcelona, a society of art galleries from Barcelona.