La obra “Un món” de Francesca Poza gana el IV Certamen Miró&Art

La artista Francesca Poza trabaja habitualmente con la Olivart Art Gallery de Barcelona, donde ahora exhibe sus piezas.

Barcelona, Monday October 28th 2019. The IV Miró&Art Contest has already a winner. “Un món” of Francesca Poza (that usually her works are exhibited in Olivart Art Gallery) has been the chosen one of the jury to “know how to interprete Josep Maria Subirachs sprite” at the same time that reflects this idea that the vermouth symbolizes sharing a moment with others”. The jury also highlights the brilliant technique of the artist. The winner art work will be the new label of the limited edition of Miró & Art 2020 vermouth.

The artist, Francesca Poza, tend to the abstraction in her works, though she doesn’t leave completely the figurative elements, she created textures and deeps. Her intention is to reproduce, and to portray what’s organic. Poza creates new forms from which the natural world disintegrates to a deep and intimate reproduction of its structure.

In her fourth edition, the contest has been dedicated to the sculptor, drawer and engraver, Josep Maria Subirachs. Multifaceted artist, Subirachs not just has expressed himself through the sculpture and the tridimensional work, the most famous, but also has spread his creativity in other techniques.

In total, 38 works from 31 artists had been submitted, all of them related to 14 Galleries from the Labor Union of Art Galleries from Catalonia.

The jury has been chaired by Meritxell Torra Junyent (board member of the GGAC and codirector of the Art Gallery Dolors Junenyt) and formed by Judit Subirachs (director of Espais Subirachs), Hector Albericio (from the Art Petritxol Gallery), Francesc Mestre (former director of Francesc Mestre Art) and Josep Sentís, representative of Vermuts Miró. Also have been presents in the meeting the director of the GGAC, Mònica Ramon, accompanied by Maribel Navarro, curator of the anual collective exhibitions that take place with the works presented in the contest.

The GGAC and Vermuts Miró have organized one more year this art contest with the collaboration of Espais Subirachs.

The next public event of the GGAC it will be the Conferences about Arte & Galerismo ’19, that will be celebrated on November 25th in the space Arts Santa Mònica.