Mònica Ramon, new president of the Gremi de Galeries d'Art de Catalunya

After four years of mandate, the art gallerist Gabriel Pinós is relieved by a new presidency

Barcelona, April 3rd, 2019. - After four years of presidency, Gabriel Pinós directive of the Gothsland gallery, leave the position of the institution in Monica Ramon hands, codirector of Artur Ramon Art. This is one of the results of the assembly that celebrated the members of the GGAC.

With this replacement, Mònica Ramon, until yesterday chair of the GGAC board, and actual president of the GAC Awards committee, will held the representation of the catalan art galleries in an overcoming moment for the art gallerism.

About Mònica Ramon:

Codirector of the gallery Artur Ramon Art, that recently has moved from its historically location in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona to move at Bailén Street, in the center of the gold quarter of Eixample.
Mònica Ramon belongs to a family line of catalan gallerists that has four generations. Artur Ramon Art has stablished nowadays as an important model on the art market in our state. The change of location it’s related to the new exhibition proposal with the project Espai d’Art, directed by Mònica Ramon itself, where the ancient art and the modern art combine, though a contemporary vision, a very own vision. A sample of this new vision has been “Los 7 pecados capitales” of the Santilari brothers, and the Wunderkamammer of Frederic Amat, as the actual “El espai del paisatge” with the participation of an external commissary.

The prestige of the Artur Ramon Art gallery, its given to itself for the international projection, participating in different fairs and salons as: Salon du Dessin of París, the Master Drawings of London and New York and being the only catalan gallery participating on the TEFAAF Maastricht, one of the most important art fairs internationally.