The artist Àngels Ribé and the gallerist Fernando Pinós will recive the Honorary GAC 2019 Awards

The award ceremony will be celebrated on Tuesday, June 5th at the CCCB and the MACBA

Barcelona, April 8th, 2019 - The GAC - XII Galleries Night Awards, will be celebrated next June 5th at the CCCB and following by a party at the MACBA, that will celebrate a double tribute: The Honorary - Foundation Banc Sabadell Award to the artistic career Àngels Ribé, and the Honorary - Foundation Banc Sabadell Award to the career as gallerists to Fernando Pinós.

The honorary award are given to the consecrated artists with a professional career that have influenced in a positive way to the catalan galleries and to an art gallery founded before 1980 and with a long trajectory.

To Mònica Ramon, president of the committee of the GAC Awards, the honorary awarded this year “are proof of two magnificent careers that we want to give recognition. Angels Ribé, it’s considered one of the most important conceptual artists in Catalunya and Fernando Pinós is an art passionate that with effort and lots of dedication has build a career as gallerist. Nowadays is considered an expert on modernism, such is the case that created the Museum of Modernism from Barcelona in 2010”.

Mònica Ramon has been named recently the president of the GGAC in substitution of Gabriel Pinós.

Angels Ribé (Barcelona, 1943), belongs to an artists generation that started his career at the 60’s, where there were big political and social changes that influence directly her work.
In 1967, suffocated by the oppressive environment of Barcelona travels to Paris to study Sociology. In Paris take part of the “May 68” events and later starts working with the sculptor Piotr Kowalski. In 1969 presents her first installation, Laberint.
At the 70’s, travels to the United States (Chicago and New York) where discovers alternative artistic spaces. Ribé makes performances and installations that documents through photography. Later returns to Spain and gets back the interest to the objectual character of the art and the sculpture.

Fernando Pinós (Barcelona, 1947) is a passionated of the arts and a very respected person in the modernism world. Started his career when he was 23 year’s old as a young antiques dealer, at a place called Art Nouveau. As time went by he positioned in the national art market as a specialist in catalan modernism.
Later, he moved his headquarter to one of the most important streets of Barcelona, where shared the space with great gallerists as the Gaspar brothers, René Metras, Salvador Riera with Dau al Set or the Furriol sisters with the Eude gallery.

At this new space, Pinós took advantage and chenged the name of the gallery to Gothsland. In 2010 he created the Modernism Museum of Barcelona placed in the Eixample’s neighborhood. It has a magnificent collection of paints, sculptures and decorative arts pieces, uniques in the entire world.

The GAC honorary awards on past editions:
The artists that received this award are: Frederic Amat (2018), Perejaume (2017), Sean Scully (2016), Susana Solano (2015), Alfons Borrell (2014), Antoni Muntadas (2013), Richard Hamilton (2012), Jaume Plensa (2011) i Antoni Tàpies (2010).

The galleries that received this honorary award: Alejandro Sales (2018), Marina Draper (2017) and Francesc Mestre (2016).

About the GAC - XII Night of Galleries Awards:

The GAC Awards are given to the figures or entities that highlight for its contribution to the art world and to the art galleries in Catalunya. After 11 editions, have became one of the most important awards above all the country.

GAC Awards Categories:

  • Award to the Consolidated Artists for the best exhibition on a gallery
  • DKV Award to a young artists for the best exhibition on a gallery.
  • Collector Award
  • Commissary Award
  • Art Critics Award
  • Best Historic Exhibition on a Gallery Award
  • Media Award
  • Best Gallery Program Award

The winners will be public on Wednesday June 5th on the night, on the awards ceremony, that will start at 20:30h at the CCCB and will end with a party at the MACBA Hall.