The Cultural space Castell del Cambrer open its doors with the exhibition "Miró&Art"

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018.

With the exhibition “II Miró&Art contest”, opens up this Thursday the cultural space Castell del Cambrer, at the Castell Square of the city. The act will be starting at 19:00h and will be directed by the major of Reus, Carles Pellicer, with Gabriel Pinós, the president of the GGAC and Remei Prats, directive of Vermuts Miró and promoters of the contest.

The GGAC and Vermuts Miró organized this exhibition that brings together the works that have been presented at the II Miró&Art contest and that was open up in June at Barcelona. The exhibition has 47 works in different formats (Water colors, paintings, drawings, collages, photographs, digital creations, etc.) presented by 47 artists from 23 catalan galleries to be the label of the limited bottle of Vermouth Reserva 2018.

As a common quality, all of the exhibited works have been inspired in the universe of Joan Brossa, as a tribute for the centenary of his born, that will be in 2019. Visiting the exhibition it’s a unique opportunity to understand the influence of an artist like Brossa in the contemporary creation.

A sample of that is visible in the winning work “Invisible Brossa” of Claire James-Dupain, the artist that works with the Artevista Gallery. The jury choose it to know how to combine the visual efficiency and the magic and clever spirit of Joan Brossa.

Miró & Art Contest:
Moved by the love and passion for the arts, the paths of the enterprise from Reus and the GGAC crossed each other. Both entities signed a collaboration agreement in the 2016’s summer with the aim to promote the arts in our country.

The foundation of this agreement was the commitment by the two entities to organize annually an art contest, in which the artists that work in the catalan galleries would be able to participate. With this guideline is promoted the quality arts and the associations in the artistic field, given that the artists have the support of the professionals that believe in big new projects that revert culture. At the same time, Vermuts Miró reaffirm with this initiative its wide career on arts sponsorship.