The work "El dubte del títol" of Núria Rossell (AB Art Gallery) wins the III Miró&Art Contest

The winning work will be the label of the limited edition of the vermouth bottle Miró&Art 2019

Barcelona, Tuesday October 30th, 2018.- The III Miró&Art Contest already has a winner. “El dubte del títol” of Nuria Rossell (AB Art Gallery) has been the chosen one of the jury to “know how to capture the spirite of Josep Guinovart perfectly”. The winner work will be adapted as the label of the vermouth limited edition bottle of Miro’s vermouth Miró&Art 2019.

The works had to be inspired in Guinovart’s art, one of the most important artists in the avant-garde of the second half of the 20th century. There has been 39 works presented from 32 artists related to 20 art galleries from the GGAC.

The jury was set up by Meritxell Torra Junyent, chair of the board of the GGAC and the codirector of the Dolors Junyent Art Gallery, Maria Guinovart, director of the Private Fundation Espai Guinovart, Hèctor Albericio, codirector of the Art Gallery Petritxol, Francesc Mestre directori of the former art gallery Francesc Mestre Art, and finally Laura Prats and Josep Sentís, representatives of Vermuts Miró.

The GGAC and Vermuts Miró have organized one more year this art contest in collaboration with the Private Fundation Espai Guinovart. The relation between the GGAC and Josep Guinovart runs since the artist was active.

Claire James-Dupain from Artevista Gallery was the winner of the Miró&Art 2017 contest.