Vermuts Miró and Núria Rossell sign an agreement to confirm the III Miró & Art Awards

Barcelona, February 26th, 2019.- Today in the GGAC office, the artists Nuria Rossell and Laura Prats in representation of Vermouths Miró, have joined to sign an agreement that confirms the artists as the winner of the III Miró & Art Awards, celebrated on autumn 2018, in the beginning of the season #ILike_Art.

Nuria Rossell hand over the original winning work “El dubte del titol” inspired in the artistic imaginary of the great Josep Guinovart, who was commemorated in 2018, because the 10th anniversary of his death.

As part of the prize, the work will be replicated as a labor of the special edition of vermouth, Vermut Reserva - Edició Limitiada Miró & Art in 2019.

About the artist:

Nuria Rossell is licensed in Catalan Philology at the UAB, where also studied some courses about art history. Her passion on the arts started as a child, with her grandfather, drawer and water color painter.
Continues her studies in drawing and painting in different artists studios and starts doing engraving.
She has done some collective and individual exhibitions of painting, engraving and water colors, and her works are in some private collections of Scotland, Madrid, Germany, China and Barcelona. Her books have been presents in some book fairs as the Arts Libris (Barcelona) and Estampa (Madrid).

Her work has been edited as a cover of different books an is the image of the restaurant Les Magnòlies (Arbúcies, Girona), winner of a Michelin star.
Her work is exhibited in the Contemporary Museum of Sheshan (Shangai, China), in the Young He Museum (Pekin, China) and in the Kui Yuan Gallery (Guangzhou, China).