Vermuts Miró meets the winner of II Certamen Miró&Art

Barcelona, ​​February 15, 2018 -  Yesterday, the artist Claire James Dupain and Carles Prats met at the Artevistas Gallery in Barcelona to sign the agreement for ratifing the award of the II Certamen Miró&Art, celebrated in the fall of 2017 within the framework of the seasonal opening acts of the Art Galleries Guild of Catalonia, #ILike_Arte'17.

The artist gives the original art work, which she took the prize, to Carles Prats, from Vermuts Miró. The arte work, entitled Invisible Brossa, is inspired by the Brossian universe and will be reproduced as the label of the reserve vermouth - limited edition Miró&Art 2018.

About the artist

Claire James-Dupain (1976, Kettering, GB)

Claire Follows an artistic sholarship in Paris (MJM artshool and Ecole du Louvre with a specialisation in Byzantine Art).

Her first exhibition is at the age of 16 near Paris, her paintings already put forward an imaginative and surreal world.

From year 2000, she becomes equally a set designer and sound designer for documentaries, films and ads. She's also the artistic assistant of Venezuelan artist Milton Becerra.

In 2013, After a long and deep study on the image of the feminine throughout history and history of art, she develops the series "Book of Shaedows", Lilith and Lilith's Matrix in which she explores this Dyad sacred /profane of the feminin.

She has an exhibition and a performance during the "Nuits Blanches "of Paris in 2014. 
She uses the reprensation of hair as the founding element of her artistic pattern.

It's symbolic multiplicity such as strengh, power, seduction, magic....  makes it her perfect tool of expression as it contains the same dyad sacred/profane for many cultures.

In 2015, She joins forces with artist Hamilton Becerra for the project "God Is A woman In Love" which is a clever blend of stop-motion video, musical performance, photo and painting.

This series is a poetic and nonetheless critical eye on the image of the feminine and the inequalities that still remain today.

Hamilton offers a mysterious world of feminin portraits in Black and white where Claire paints  bright colored braids on them.

A strong message smoothly whispering  "I believe I am the source of my own power ".

Through 2016 and 2017, this series is being exhibited in various cultural centers of Barcelona and in Paris for the period of International women's day.

Her other works can be seen at the memorial of the Shoah in Paris, at the 100 ESC created by the town Hall of Paris and also in several private european collections (England, Germany, France and Spain)