We are the Art Galleries from Catalonia!

After the post-confinement, we now need more than ever the need to nurture our spirit. Under the name of “new normality”, as Àlex Salas says in his article for our website (The virtual market: Arco Lisboa, a wake-up call), the socialization patterns that had been stopped are resumed and, with the progressive escalation, we re-establish reunion routines between people. Especially in the cultural world, it is clear that we are establishing new customs in the consumption of what we offer to the public.


That is why, from the GGAC, we want to strengthen our role as an active engine for the promotion of Art and Culture, devising a new way of interacting with the public with new projects.


Initially, we created a new corporate image, more direct and inclusive than we are: the Galeries d'Art de Catalunya (Art Galleries from Catalonia), the GAC


With this new corporate virtual image we will be even more proactive in online actions, encompassing all the proposals of Art in Catalonia: modern, contemporary and emerging.
The Galeries d'Art de Catalunya (GAC), as a non-profit institution, are part of the Visual Arts ecosystem and, to keep it active, we need the commitment and complicity of all of you in this common project. and collective.


Together we are Culture!


We are Art!