Xano Argenter wins the contest Vermuts Miró Art organized by the GGAC

The contest is celebrated inside the activities from the starting season of the art catalan galleries.

October 2016. Last July 11th, the GGAC, and Vermuts Miró called a contest to choose the new label of the Vermuts Miró limited edition bottle. In this way, to this first edition, the bases of the contest have invited the artist to create an artwork inspired by the figure of Antoni Gaudí, interpreted in a freeway.
The organizers have shown themselves very satisfied by the participation, which finally had 49 artworks, by 36 artists represented by 19 galleries.
The winner finally was Xano Armenter (right image) from Ambit Gallery, with his work Thinking about Gaudí. Artmenter will be the new image of the label of the Vermut Reserva limited edition. The work has been chosen by the strength, representing the typical cuts from Gaudí as a symbol of imagination and creativity.
Also, the work of Perico Pastor was recognized from the Anquin's gallery.
All the other works will be exhibited in its respective galleries until October 15th. More information in: http://www.galeriescatalunya.com/ilike_art/).